Appointed Town Officials

Contact number for all 546-2376

Mona J. West
Administrative Assistant; Town Clerk; Treasurer; Registrar of Voters; General Assistance Administrator; and Tax Collector

Sally J. Beal
Deputy Town Clerk; Deputy Registrar of Voters; Deputy Treasurer; Deputy Tax Collector

Fire Chief : Charles C. Curtis, Jr.

Burn Permits:

  • Charles Curtis Jr  598-8777

Code Enforcement Officer/ Plumbing Inspector: Betsy Fitzgerald 546-2376

Road Commissioner: Randy Perry  546-1437

Animal Control Officer: Stanley Mc Lain , Jr. 598-7636

Emergency Management Director : Rick Davis  546-2376

Health Officer : Rick Davis

Budget Committee

  • Kathy Upton
  • Paul Merritt
  • Paul Perry
  • Daren Beal
  • Mary Knapp-Young
  • Shelley Gray
  • Ryan Shaw
  • Kristen Fahey

Planning Board

  • Crystal Hitchings
  • Kim Smith
  • Ryan Beal
  • Billie Jo Brooks
  • Ryan Shaw