Town Information



Thanks for choosing Cherryfield, Maine as your current residence.  We welcome you and sincerely hope you will be happy here for many years to come!


The following is a list of things you should know about Cherryfield:

  1. The Town Office phone # is 546-2376. Visit our website at
  2. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. – 4 P.M. The Town Office currently is closed at lunch,  from 12- 1. We follow all State Holiday closures.
  3. You can pay your vehicle excise tax, registration fees, and get new plates at the Town Office.
  4. Cherryfield has its own Grammar School where children can attend from Pre-K through Grade 8. Our Superintendant has an office within the Town Office Building. Our Superintendant is Daniel Ross.  His Administrative Assistant is Alice Tucker. They can be reached at 546-7770. The school’s telephone number is 546-7949.
  5. Trash Disposal stickers are available at the Cherryfield Transfer Station located on Rte 193.  The attendants are Allen  and Debra. The hours are Friday and Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 4 P.M.
  6. Dog registrations are available at the Town Office.  You may pick them up in November for the following year.  They are due by January 1; the cost of neutered or spayed dogs is $6 and unaltered dogs are $11.  You must provide proof of neutering or spaying and a current rabies card. If your dog is not registered by January 31st, the State mandates a $25.00 late fee. We have an ACO (Animal Control Officer) – Stan McLain.  His phone numbers are 598-7738 or 598- 7636.
  7. Building permit applications are available at the Town Office.  If you are building a structure that is more than 100 square feet or is attached to a current structure, you must submit an application for a permit.
  8. Tax bills are sent out in June.  They are due upon receipt and the bill reflects the tax for the calendar year. If paid prior to October 31st, no interest is accrued.
  9. You can fax copies at the Town Office for $1/copy.
  10. Photocopies are available for 25 cents per copy.
  11. The Town Office has a vital record library from which you can obtain birth, marriage and death copies- if you were a resident of the Town when born, married or died.
  12. The Town Office can issue marriage licenses.  Cost $40.  For more info, call us.
  13. A Notary Public is generally available at the Town Office; however it is best to call prior to coming to make sure the Notary will be in. There is no charge for this community service.
  14. You may come to the Sand/Salt Building for sand for your driveway.  The building is located just west of the Town Office.  The Town policy is that you  are allowed a couple of buckets to sand your driveway, but to be aware that the Town has that sand to keep the roads safe and there is only so much money appropriated annually for winter roads.
  15. The Post Office Phone # is 546-7210.
  16. The Town owns a Tennis Court and Basketball Courts located at the sharp corner on Park St.  It is generally opened in May and closes in October.
  17. The Office fax number is 546-0927.  There is currently no charge for receipt of faxes. Many people use the fax line to have their proof of insurance faxed when registering their vehicles. For outgoing faxes, the office charges $1.00 per page.
  18. Voter Registration takes place here at the Office.  You must bring  ID and proof of residency. Voting takes place at the Town Office Building.
  19. Town Meeting is always the 2nd Monday in March.  It is traditionally held at 7 p.m. at the Cherryfield Elementary School.
  20. You may request a burning permit from Brad Curtis.
  21. For additional information, feel free to stop in. Or you may call and speak to either Mona or Sally.  We will be happy to help!