Annual Election of Officers

The Annual Election of Town Officers will be held at the Town Office on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. The Polls will be open from  10:00 A.M. to  6 :00 P.M., and voting will be held in the Superintendents Office.

Below is a listing of the Candidates.

Board of Selectmen/ Seat D / 3 year term ( seat being vacated by Richard Fickett )

Charlene Foster ( Cherry)

Deborah Martin- Bunker

Board of Selectmen / Seat E / 3 year term ( seat currently held by Leon Thompson )

Leon Thompson

Corrie Hunkler

Board of Assessors/ Seat B / 3 year term ( seat currently held by Clifford Perry)

Clifford Perry

Cherryfield School Board / Seat A/ 2 year term ( seat currently held by Jeffrey Taylor  )

Jeffrey Taylor

Cherryfield School Board / Seat B/ 1 year term ( seat formerly held by Bill Torrey)

Laura Morse

Daniel Merritt

Cherryfield School Board / Seat D / 3 year term ( seat currently held by Sheila Tatangelo )

Sheila Tatangelo

Cherryfield School Board / Seat E / 3 year term ( seat currently held by Peter Duston)

Peter Duston



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